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Ireland - The home of Father Ted’s Craggy Island, where there's a museum dedicated purely to leprechauns and a festival crowns a goat king, Oddball Tours is on a mission to show you all the fascinating and unconventional sights, tours, activities and festivals taking place around Ireland throughout the year. Click on the photos for just a few examples.


Oddball Tours is a one of a kind Irish tourism business. We create "off the beaten track" experiences showing locals and tourists alike, people old and young, aspects of Ireland normally overlooked by travel guides sending you to places other tours don't and won't go - the oft ignored as mundane but in reality fascinating, bizarre and downright odd sights and attractions the 32 counties of Ireland have to offer.​


With custom designed packages ranging from personalised itineraries for self-guided tours to complete packages with accommodation, transport and concierge, we cater for groups big and small. Start from anywhere in Ireland. We design tours for all modes of transport - car, public, bike and feet! Mystery tour itineraries possible also.

Wife Carrying (Kerry)
Tree Throwing (Clare)
Workhouse Dining (Leitrim)
Seven Wonders (Westmeath)
Roadside Grotto (Clare)
Echo Gate (Meath)
Tractor Footy (Ploughing Championshi
Ted Fest (Aran Islands)
Train Bar (Roscommon)
Smurf Record (Monaghan)
Fr Ted Trail (Clare)
Plane Hotel (Cork)
Giant Footprints (Kildare)
Roadside Curiosities
Ode to Obama (Offaly)
Hay Baling (Tipperary)
Scarecrow Fest (Laois)
Leprechaun Hunt (Louth)
Poultry Races (Louth)
Tractor Nuts (Carlow)
Welly Throwing (Offaly)
Culchie Fest (Leitrim)
Bog Snorkelling (Monaghan)
Achill Henge (Mayo)
Tour Options
What To Expect


Sample Tour Activities - County: Mayo [Can be incorporated into a half day, full day or multi day plan]

- Boat it out to the former Hippy Island and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's planned retirement home

- Explore The Lost Valley near Louisburgh, Co Mayo

- Coffee break at Kelly’s Kitchen in Newport, ancestral home of the Hollywood star Grace Kelly

- Visit NAMA-henge constructed over a weekend by a controversial property developer and protester

- Walk around the Deserted Village at Slievemore, Achill Island, a haunting reminder of times past 

- Drag stones along Bellacorick's xylaphone Musical Bridge 

- Enjoy a photo opp upon arrival in Cum, Co Mayo

- Stop for tea in Ireland's Titanic Village

- Take a whiskey distillery tour to give you Dutch Courage to face the rest of the stops

- Check out one man's collection of Irish memorabilia comprising over 100,000 items spanning 400 years

- Rock up to Ireland's answer to Vegas...

- Pit stop in Tooreen where the devil famously made an appearance at a dance hall back in the day 

- Technically not Mayo but worth the detour, the quirky Hell's Kitchen in Castlerea, Co Roscommon



Founded by Jen Condon, an avid traveller who has to date visited over 100 countries and states. After travelling around the world and having had what can only be described as some truly bizarre tour experiences in foreign lands, between...


climbing a slag-heap in a post-industrial Belgian town, camping out in a mud hut on an isolated Indian reservation in Mormon-country Utah, getting lost & spending Halloween night with some friendly police men in an NYC subway station…wearing a tutu; a story-telling session in a Beijing shanty town; mezcal tasting in Mexico; spending time with members of the Amish community in America’s mid-west; visiting an abandoned Soviet satellite station in northern Latvia; attending the surreal & visually stunning Mass Games in North Korea complete with 100,000 performers... touring Detroit's abandoned ruins; traditional cooking in Morocco; hanging out in unrecognised Russian breakaway republics; a Communist theme park and underground KGB captive bunker experience in rural Lithuania; dressing up on the abandoned Battleship Island off the south coast of Japan; traversing Heroin Highway in Eastern Tajikistan; wandering through cobblestoned streets in Dracula’s Transylvania; night time border crossings in Iran; wedding crashing in Guatemala; enjoying a frankly sacrilegious graveyard tour in the Deep South’s New Orleans; exploring former Communist-era bunkers in the Czech Republic and Art Deco Eastern Germany to trawling London for the most recent graffiti paintings of elusive street-artists...


…the attention is now focused on Ireland!

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Tours of 32 Counties [Duration: Any County, 1 Day]

Included: Customised tour + all bookings, reservations & entrance fees

Extra: Tour guide, transport & accommodation


€55 Per Person (1-2), €45 PP (3-5), €40 PP (6-10)

Guided Walking Tours of Dublin [Duration: 3 Hours App]

☘️ Northside Urban Safari - Dublin 1 

☘️ Southside Jaunt - Dublin 2

☘️ James Joyce's Dublin Pub Puzzle Tour 

€50 Per Person (1-2), €40 PP (3-5), €35 PP (6-15)

Honorary Irish Crash Course with Cert - Dublin [Duration: 6.5 Hours App]

☘️ "Honorary Irish" Induction Training (Layovers, Onboarding, Tourists, New Arrivals, Diaspora, etc.)

€100 Per Person (1-2), €85 PP (3-5), €70 PP (6-10)

Event Management & Consultancy

☘️ Team Days Out (Sports, Social & Work Groups)

☘️ Event Organisation (Unorthodox Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Funerals...)

☘️ Destination Mgt & Extracurricular Activities (Delegates: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

☘️ Freelance Travel Journalism & Content Generation For Blogs, Business Promotion

☘️ International Trip Scheduling (To oddball places obviously!)

Prices Upon Request

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