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"Honorary Irish" Crash Course

New to Ireland or arranging orientation for expat staff? Visiting Ireland for a holiday or on a layover and want to make the most of your time? Of Irish lineage or trying to prove you are...?!


Well! This entertaining urban adventure by foot around Dublin is the perfect choice! Essentially an "Ireland / Dublin...For Dummies" in tour format, on this tailored outing we give you a humorous crash course in all things Irish, teaching you how to "behave", think & act like an authentic Irish person while visiting some of the traditional must-sees and not so traditional sights at the same time. Two birds, one stone and all that jazz.

For more info on costs, timings & running Irish or county specific courses outside of Dublin:

Email us here. Dependent on numbers, day of week, items to be included and duration, etc. 

As a rough guideline: €100 per person (1-2 people), €85 PP (3-5 people), €70 PP (6-10 people) - 10+ on request

The Plan...

10:30 - Assembly

Pre-Briefing Session

11:00 - Culture


Go on a whistle-stop tour thru 20th C Irish history and pop culture 


12:00 - Language


Take an Irish language taster class - A Haon, A Do, A Tri...


Venue: Gaelchultúr Irish Language School (Note: Advance notice needed to make arrangements)


12:35 - Politics


A satirical take on Irish politics as we walk around Merrion Square, on the doorstep of the government's "Seat of Power"


13:00 - Literature


Warm up with a tea & get a feel for world-famous Irish Joycean literature thru a lunchtime reading 


Venue: Sweny's Pharmacy


14:00 - Grab a “cuppa tae” @ CHQ before heading in to...


International Relations


Hear stories about the most famous and more interestingly...infamous Irish exports in the Docklands 


Venue: EPIC Museum (Note: Advance notice needed for group ticket booking)






Do some family surname prep and take advantage of an opp to discover your Irish roots 


Venue: Irish Family History Centre


15:30 - Physical Education


Certificate presentation for those who have managed to last the duration of the cross city walk

(Official) tour end. Crash Course Completed. Leave a proud "Honorary Irish" man / woman!


15:40 - Home Economics [Extra-Curricular]


Worked up a hunger? Join us for a nutritious sampling of the Irish staple - Potato, potato, potato


Venue: Supermac’s...Ha!

16:00 - Religion [Optional]


For those with nowhere better to go, join us for a sacrilegious pint & banter with locals in a Dublin institution 


Venue: The Confession Box

17:00 - Class dismissed. Home Time!

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