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The Cross The City Challenge

"Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub" Leopold Bloom, Ulysses

A tour, team building "exercise" or hen / stag activity with a difference, this tour ticks a number of boxes for the discerning traveller...

✔ Walking tour of Dublin - both north & south, plenty of fresh air & exercise
✔ Taking in traditional & non-traditional tourist sights, best of both worlds
✔ A sense of achievement - That you met the challenge and didn't get distracted by a pub

✔ Certificate provided after to say that you crossed Dublin successfully without passing a pub
✔ A reward of a pint at the end!
✔ Become part of a small exclusive club to have completed this successfully

The Route:

13:00 - Depart from starting point on Lower Mount Street

Points of interest: 

13:30 - Pit-stop: Adelaide Road Kiosk


Public toilets, pricey property and public art projects

13:45 - Pit-stop: The Iveagh Gardens

Copper Faced Jack, a subterranean passage and a dead elephant

14:05 - Pit-stop: St Valentine's Final Resting Place 


A saint's remains, grave digging, heirlooms and hand me downs

14:20 - Pit-stops: The Liberties 


Tea time, a flat museum, Tailor's Hall and community garden 

15:20 - Pitstop: Arbour Hill Cemetery


The book bridge, prison cemetery & bootscrapers 

15:30 - Mission Accomplished - In a housing estate in Stoneybatter


- Reward time. The reward? A pint of course.


Venue: The delightfully eccentric Glimmer Man or some other venerable establishment

16:00 - Finish. Next challenge? Find your way home!

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